Investment incentives

To obtain an investment incentive and to meet all the relevant requirements is not an easy task. We can help guide you through the entire process starting with the initial idea and ending with the successful completion of your investment project. We can provide you with the following range of services:

Evaluate the investment project

  • Define the investment project alternatives and their parameters
  • Check whether the investment incentive eligibility criteria have been met
  • Analyse other public support options, outline various public support models
  • Compare the investment project alternatives including the relevant support models, including the comparison of their benefits for the client

Prepare an application for an investment incentive

  • Profile the project in cooperation with the client
  • Fill in the required project form
  • Organize/prepare and put together all the mandatory annexes to the application
  • Consult the appropriate organizations or other entities on specific matters related to the project

Manage and administer the investment incentive

  • Configure the IP administration system
  • Monitor compliance with the conditions on an ongoing basis and keep records; provide feedback including suggestions for potential corrective measures or future changes
  • Provide advisory services throughout the implementation of the investment incentive in order to ensure its correct amount and to optimize its use
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of compliance with the general investment acquisition principles, monitor the purchasing process, review the accounting records
  • Prepare project monitoring by public institutions (the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Tax Office etc.) and participate in it
  • Consult any changes and uncertainties with the state authorities
  • Provide IP risk management
  • Provide ad hoc consulting tailored to the current needs of our client
  • Configure the project documentation archiving system and monitor the archiving process
  • Ensure communication with the grant provider
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